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The Gesamtkunstwerk building in Miami, is a multi-disciplinary creative initiative located in Allapattah, FL. The Gesamtkunstwerk project was designed to give a curated group of businesses and individuals, who were influential in the development of Wynwood as an arts community, with the long-term stability needed to coninue their efforts. Opening in 2012, the building houses a diverse range of tenants that include Butter Design Studio, Wynwood Radio, Product 81, Cushy Gigs, Plataforma and Spinello Projects.


Translated as "total work of art", the word refers to a work of art that makes use of all or many art forms; or strives to do so. The term is a German word which has come to be accepted in English as a term in aesthetics.


First used by the German writer and philosopher K. F. E. Trahndorff in an essay in 1827. German opera composer Richard Wagner used the term in two 1849 essays to express his idea of unifying all works of art under the theatre. It is unclear whether Wagner knew of Trahndorff's essay.


The word Gesamtkunstwerk has become particularly associated with Wagner's aesthetic ideals. In the twentieth century, some writers applied the term to some forms of architecture, while others have applied it to film and mass media.



The Projektraum​

The Projektraum, under the direction of Francisco de La Torre, is a flexible space created to host work free from the constraints of the competitive art environment. Exhibitions at the Projektraum are designed to be unique and site specific, thereby offering a singular platform for the artists on view.

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